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I'm a member of Ravelry (free registration required), and I'm a member of some of the forums there. One is a competition/challenge group, and I've started to participate. It's interesting, because I've been creating things just for the sake of creating: a black and white cube in one piece, covers for earrings... just freehanding with no intent to write up the patterns. For the most part, that is.

This one insisted on being written up. (Yes, I take orders from projects, apparently. Should I be worried?)

Pascal's Arch Washcloth
Pascal's Arch Washcloth

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Blink and Blink2

A few weeks ago, I wrote up a pattern for a Blink Washcloth:
Blink washcloth.  Just blink.

Lots of fun, lots of double decreases. Because I like them.

I toyed with the idea of making a non-double-decrease version, but had other more urgent kitsch to attend to at that point.

Time passes, things change, thoughts are thunk...

Blink washcloth, single decrease variation

And I have a single-decrease variation of the Blink Washcloth available at the bottom of the pattern page.

Kitsch shouldn't be limited to crochet, should it?

I did up a knit version of the toilet paper roll cover.

toilet paper roll cover and swatchy doily

Pattern available at

Ravelry page:

My lesson for this pattern is that I'm not good with random. I tried to stagger the decreases so they wouldn't form lines, but the end result was just lumpy and bumpy, with lines. So I ripped back, and did wedges. Much better.

This one is going to my mother.

Mon site web a besoin d'une mise à jour

A ceux qui m'ont trouvée par le lien à (ou le lien à ... welcome.

Si vous avez des questions sur la construction des couvertures ou des grannys ou de mes autres modèles, je serais heureuse d'essayer de vous assister.

(Was this even remotely grammatical? It's horrifying to realize how much my command of French has atrophied.)

For those whose French is even worse than mine... I have some pages on my website about granny square blankets. Crochodile (love that name!) posted about them, and I've seen an increase in visitors.

And this reminded me quite clearly that I need to update the website. It's not very user-friendly at this point.

I have patterns there that are only accessible through links elsewhere (no easy-to-find-and-follow links on the home page), and some of the image files are just horrendous. I'm not sure what compression I was using, but they're huge for no good reason.

So I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend!
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