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I think I set a record...

...for the longest it has taken me to assemble a blanket. Four months. More or less.

But it's done now.

I present to you the finished Sunset Rain blanket. An experiment in half-square triangles that turned out as well as I had hoped when I planned it, and better than I had expected when I was halfway through making the pieces.
Sunset Rain


So now I need to assemble the Border Collie blanket.

And then... I'm not sure. The knitting needles have been whispering my name recently.

My problem is, though... I don't wear scarves; I dislike hats; I like my polartec gloves; I like plain neutral socks; and the amount of time and yarn I would need to knit a sweater for my fluffy figure is a little overwhelming.

This is annoying, since I discovered recently that I am quite capable of doing row after row of simple knitting without looking at my hands. Same cheap acrylic that I use for crocheting, and yet I was surer of my movements when knitting and purling than I usually am when crocheting.

Well, I somehow managed to buy three skeins of deep red yarn. 70% merino, 20% alpaca, 10% silk. DK weight; each skein weighs 50g and has 124yds/112m of yarn. So I've got 150g of yarn to justify buying. (It wasn't that expensive, really. Seriously.) I think I'm going to make a very simple 1x1 ribbing Möbius scarf.

Yes. A scarf. Even though I haven't worn a scarf in 5 years. Does this seem as crazy to anyone else as it does to me?

As atonement (I think), I'm hoping to go to WEBS this weekend. And they have mill ends of unmercerized cotton. Yes, it's a weaving yarn (works out to 460yds/100g), but that's actually a good thing. The dishcloths I made earlier this summer were too thick (180yds/100g), and I'm hoping that a finer thread will allow for a more useful cloth. Even a doubled thread would would work out to be thinner than the stuff I used this summer.

Of course, the smallest quantity is 2lbs, but that's okay. At $5.99 a pound, I won't be going into debt over this if it fails. And, if it works, 2lbs will keep me and my mother and several other relatives stocked with dishcloths for the next few years!
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