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If ignorance is bliss...

...especially ignorance about whether WEBS ships overseas...

...well, I guess you've decided that knowledge is worth the price you must pay for it.

Here's the deal: WEBS will ship overseas. They use the United States Postal Service, and you can specify whether you want surface mail (cheaper and slower) or air mail (faster and more expensive).

Prices are based on total package weight, so if you order 2lbs of various things, the shipping weight may end up being more like 2.5lbs.

The USPS site is a little tricky to figure out. I usually use it for guesswork, then go to the post office and let the good people there make the final decision. However....

A welcome page, of sorts
The opening section on parcel post...
A large table of prices and weights and areas

That table is not very useful if you don't know your area. According to the country listing page, Australia is in area 9 for air mail and area 8 for surface/economy mail. And parcels are limited to 44lbs/20kg. The Netherlands is in area 6 for both air and surface, and the limits are 66lbs/30kg for air, and 44lbs/20kg for surface/economy.

So.... Let's say you had parcels weighing 2lbs, 3oz. (Um, that would be like 9 100g skeins of woolly loveliness and packaging. Not that you really needed to know that.)

Australia, air: $23.25
Australia, surface: $21.50 (Because the rates start at 5lbs)
Netherlands, air: $17.50
Netherlands, surface: $18.25 (Because the rates start at 5lbs)

Let's say you had parcels weighing 4lbs, 3oz. That would be in the "not more than 5lb" category.

Australia, air: $32.75
Australia, surface: $21.50
Netherlands, air: $22.75
Netherlands, surface: $18.25

Let's say you had larger parcels: 11lbs, 3oz. That would be in the "not more than 12lb" category.

Australia, air: $59.90
Australia, surface: $30.70
Netherlands, air: $43.05
Netherlands, surface: $25.65

Frankly, surface shipping looks as if it could be entirely reasonable for everything except really light packages to the Netherlands.

You're on your own for figuring out customs issues and such, and whether it's worth it overall.

But I figured that if you were going to be tempted... You might as well have as much information as I can give you.


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Dec. 1st, 2005 10:56 pm (UTC)
That would make it a bit expensive. :-(
I can get it from Perth, but I must check the prices. They don't have the selection that WEBS has. And I have no idea of quality.
Dec. 1st, 2005 11:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Wow.
Yep. It would take some careful planning to make it so it was worth it. Picking the things where the discount was good enough, calculating amounts fairly closely... I think it could be done, but it's not something to do lightly.

Now, there is (sort of) another option. The Nazgul family have been threatening a trip to Australia for a while, so if that happens and we can coordinate things, they might be willing couriers.

It's not likely to make their luggage overweight on the way over, and it'll be more room for souvenirs once they get there. The only trick is coordinating things and making sure that the amount of wool doesn't make some customs official suspicious.

Can't you just see it? "Excuse me, Mrs Nazgul, but are you aware that Australia has a large sheep industry? And you're bringing 50kgs of wool in?" Might get uncomfortable at that point.

But that nazgul-as-courier idea is completely pie-in-the-sky stuff at the moment, since nothing is anywhere near definite. (And I'm sure you'll hear about it when it is, since I know that mooting will be on LL's mind!)
Dec. 2nd, 2005 05:50 am (UTC)
Thanks! (I think....)
Well, I'm mostly interested in the silk yarns, and last time I checked none of the Dutch sites had any, but they do now, so I may not need to resort to such desperate measures (not that I'm allowed any new knitting until I reduce the number of sweaters currently in my cupboard).
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