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a bit of an update

The yellow and green blanket is done, and nearly ready to be dropped off at the nursing home. (Still needs a laundry label.) I think this is a stealth blanket, since I can't recall posting any photos of it.

I have 29 squares done for the blue-and-blue blanket: 7 light blue, 22 medium blue. (Yes, this means that in one month, I have done about 10 squares for this blanket.)

The squares for the cream and black blanket are done and are parked on my coffee table, awaiting assembly. (This is why I've made so little progress on the blue blanket. I was seduced by beige and black.) I figure it'll take me about 6 hours to assemble this and put the borders on.

The border collie blanket has been picked up by my cousin.

(This is oddly difficult, by the way, since I don't believe I've ever described this blanket the same way twice, even though my basic intent has been unchanged since shortly after I agreed to make the blanket. If I contradict what I've written before, please forgive me!)

Basic physical description:
This is a crocheted lap blanket (roughly 4' by 4') made of 36 individual squares that were then crocheted together and bordered with more crochet. The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun, which is a bulky acrylic (98%) and polyester (2%) combination.

This blanket can be either hand washed, or machine washed in warm water on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. No bleach, no iron. (This blanket can also be drycleaned.)

When I decided to make a blanket for the Camp Border Collie for Kids silent auction, I realized that the best source of inspiration would be the camp itself. The photos on the website had common elements: the dogs, the people, and the camp site, with the trees and the earth and the sky and the water.

I went looking for yarn, and found one that immediately reminded me of the dogs. It was black and white, and it was silky, like a puppy's ears. The rest fell into place from there, as I chose a variegated green for the leaves and the grass, blue for the sky and the water, and a gray/beige for the tree bark and the earth.

The intent:
I wanted to make a tangible abstraction of what I saw in those photos. Something that would be symbolic, and yet could be appreciated even without knowing the intent behind it.

So this blanket, on the one hand, is formed of squares and diagonals and neutral tones and soft greens and blues.

On the other hand, it is created of the warmth of summertime in the country. With border collies running through it.

I'll take (and upload) some photos soon.


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May. 9th, 2006 08:58 pm (UTC)
wanna see
the photos.
That border collie blanket sounds nice.
I don't plan any of mine. Just grab a bit of wool and start crotcheting. When I put them together , I try not to have two squares the same colours next to each other, that's the only planning bit I do.
TRiangles? How?
May. 10th, 2006 02:41 am (UTC)
Re: wanna see
The photos are up! (I've put them in a different post.)

The border collie blanket is nice. I hope that the high bidder likes it as much as I do! (And I do like the blanket. For all that I dislike working with that yarn, it does make a lovely blanket.)

I have yet to embrace the concept of randomness. I try occasionally, but it hasn't happened yet.

I think that if I make a blanket with each square a different color, then I might have a chance of coming up with something that looks random.

Triangles... Um. I meant to write those instructions up, but I'm not seeing any evidence of having done so. Drat. It's been long enough that I'm going to have to reinvent them in order to get the pattern.

Okay, that's the next project on my list (after assembling the cream and black blanket). Update my instructions page.
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