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April 5th, 2005

One Crayon Box blanket assembled!

I have assembled (but haven't edged) one of the Crayon Box blankets.
Crayon Box
I still need to edge it, so that will be about 6 more hours of work. Then I need to finish assembling (and edge) the other blanket. Considering that that will take about 16 hours at my customary snail's pace, and that the intended recipients are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, it's a good thing that I hadn't really had any hopes of getting these things done as shower gifts. I'm now aiming for Mother's Day (May 8th).

I have 11 out of the 15 green squares done for the Summer Whirl blanket.
Summer Whirl

As this will be a gift for my mother, I would love to have this one done by Mother's Day, too, but that's looking rather unlikely. Might happen, though. The squares should be done just before the end of April. If I can do some assembly on the train, I might be able to finish the assembly the weekend before Mother's Day weekend. Since my mother and I are having tea at Boscobel Restoration on the 7th, it would be nice to be able to give it to her then.

And... I met another fellow crocheter on the train this morning. (Hello Denise!) She was working on a white blanket, made in rows of (3 double (UK treble) crochet, chain one). Not that I was looking, trying to figure out what she was doing. Nope. Crafters never look at other crafters for ideas about patterns or techniques or colors.

*innocent look*

Anyway, ask questions. I'll be glad to answer. (And if it means I learn something, so much the better!)

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