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April 14th, 2005

The heart of an artisan...

...the mind of an accountant.

I just timed myself. Finishing a square takes two minutes. Retrieving scissors from case, snipping the yarn, stashing hook, retrieving needle from case, weaving in the ends, snipping those ends, returning needle and scissors to case, and retrieving hook. 120 seconds per square.

If I weave in a bunch of ends all at once, there's about 30 seconds less overhead. 90 seconds per square.

This would explain why, when I left the weaving in of the ends on the first blanket (the 289 square smiley) until right before assembly, it felt as if it took hours and hours. It did.

289sq * 90sec/sq = 26010 sec = 433.5 min = 7.225 hrs

This would also explain why, unless I'm doing time trials like this, I try to finish each square as I do it. Yes, it may take 33% longer than if I did them all at once, but I'd rather waste 30 seconds on each square than be faced with 90 minutes of weaving in the ends on 60 squares.

Current project status: 29 out of 60 squares done on the Summer Whirl blanket. 15 green, 8 blue, 6 pink.

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