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June 16th, 2005

I've been playing with yarn a bit.

I think I've figured out how to make a half-square triangle. It looks reasonable, at any rate. I'll put it to the test with the next blanket I make.

Still working on a respectable two-color square. My blankets have a mosaic look to them, so I can likely get away with simply doing two half-squares and seaming them together, but it seems to me that there ought to be a way to do one square in two colors.

I think I've found a neater-looking way to do the solid squares. The way I do them usually creates a seam of sorts where I chain up to the next round. By slip-stitching over to the ch-2 space, the chain seam is harder to see, since it isn't a straight line.

I attended a nature program last weekend, mostly because one of my cousins was speaking. (Also, the topic sounded cool. Snapping turtles. How can I resist hearing about these critters that look like miniature dinosaurs?)

Anyway, my cousin's wife was there after the program, and I talked with her for a while. She's involved with a bunch of organizations, and one of them is Camp Border Collie for Kids at Glen Highland Farm. I had mentioned that I crochet on the train, and she mentioned the silent auction they had recently had to support the camp, and asked me if I wanted to donate a blanket.

She seemed quite surprised when I said I would.

Fortunately, the next silent auction isn't until June 2006, so I've got plenty of time to make a blanket for the cause!

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