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July 26th, 2005

Near future.

Not sure how it happened.

One minute, I was on the phone with my mother talking about how I'd botched my finances.*Collapse )

The next minute, I'm looking up information about quilt fairs in New England so she and I can go on vacation together.

Anyway, the World Quilt & Textile: On Tour - New England show will be held in Manchester, New Hampshire from Thursday, August 18th, to Sunday, August 21st.

The registration deadline for classes is this Friday, so we could conceivably sign up for classes. Except that the brainpower that would take (reading the descriptions, picking the most-wanted course per time period, getting my mother's input for what she wants to do, and filling out the forms) is a bit more than I can spare at the moment. And since hotels, meals, and classes would run about $600 per person, I want to be at least slightly sure that we aren't wasting time and money.

Fortunately, there is a bit of a middle ground. If we are in the Manchester area during those days, we can see the show and merchants mall without attending classes. And since admission is only $10, my inner skinflint won't even blink.

I'm not entirely sure what we'll do beyond that. About an hour north of Manchester, there is a fabric shop in Center Harbor (on Lake Winnipesaukee) called Keepsake Quilting. I'd like to go there. And they have a sister store called Patternworks. Looks as if they sell all sorts of lovely yarns. I definitely want to go there.

There are other things in the Winnipesaukee area, too. More traditional touristy things. Some of which I've been to, and most of which I haven't.

And an hour north of Center Harbor lie the White Mountains. The Old Man in the Mountain may be gone, but there are other things to see and do. Who knows... I might even decide that my car needs a "This car climbed Mt Washington" bumper sticker.

(And let's not even talk about the fact that Rhinebeck - home of the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival - is just about an hour north of where I live. That's in October. Plenty of time to think about that later.)

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