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August 2nd, 2005

Memo to self...

  • When going to a craft store, please remember to bring a small ball of yarn and a crochet hook. This will help avoid awkward situations such as the one that occurred this past Saturday, where someone who will remain nameless overheard two shoppers try to figure out a granny square, and had to extract a promise from them that they would buy the yarn in question if she used it to demonstrate.

  • When working with even numbers of stitches, and an evenly repeating pattern (such as k1p1), you will not be creating a seed stitch effect by working each row exactly the same. Yes, you will knit into the stitch that you had just purled, but because you are working on straight-needles-not-in-the-round, the magic of flipping the fabric means that the little loopy things will end up flopping over in the same direction. And you'll end up with 1x1 ribbing. Try not to be surprised by this.

  • When discussing the desired size of the finished dishcloth with the recipient, take into account that different fibers may have different gauges, and that knitted items tend to be thicker and stretchier than woven items of the same length and width. In other words, casting on 60 stitches of worsted weight cotton to get a 12"/30cm dishcloth may produce something more suited to the bath than the kitchen.

I've cast on a smaller cloth, and it seems to be working so far. It should be 9" in theory (45st @ 5sts/in), but mine is coming out closer to 10" on 5mm needles, and it will likely stretch to 12" in use. Sounds about right. (And it means that I need to frog the yellow one!)

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