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May 28th, 2006

Beige and black...

A while ago, I started hanging around with a Bad Crowd. (Admittedly, I hang around with several Bad Crowds. And I'm usually pretty happy with this state of affairs.)

Anyway, I phoned one of the members of this particular Bad Crowd several weeks ago. (It's the ringy dingy. I can't stay away from it. It's even more addictive than that screen and the board with all the lettered buttons on it.) The Border Collie blanket was nearly done at that point, and I mentioned it.

As luck would have it, she is also involved in a nonprofit that holds a fundraising silent auction, and she mentioned to me that her group would gladly accept any blankets I cared to donate.

No. No. Absolutely not. I don't have time, I don't have energy. Nice try, but it's less than two months until the auction, and do you realize how long these things take?

Unfortunately, the damage had been done. My traitorous brain latched onto the idea, and within a week, I had the concept, half the yarn, and a new nickname for this so-called friend: The Eeeeeeeeevil One.

This is why:
taci blanket on lawn

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