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Dishcloths. Dishcloths are good.

Boring. But good.

Especially on plane rides.

I went to Houston recently, and I decided to knit on the plane. I had blunt suitable-for-children scissors and bamboo straights (US8/5mm). And Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

8 knitted cloths on a coffee table

The basic pattern was cast on 40, knit 6 rows, then alternate k5,p30,k5 and k across for 21 repeats, then knit 5 more rows, then bind off. (Basic, swatchy dishcloths.) All used the long-tail cast-on, and all, except the miter, used a sewn bind-off to match the cast-on. I used a yarnover loosened slip-one-stitch-over-the-next bindoff for the miter. (*Work 2 stitches, yo, repeat from * to end. Slip stitches back to left needle, dropping the YOs. Tug on the stitches a bit to distribute the slack from the YOs. Slip two stitches to the right needle, pass the first stitch over the second. *Slip a stitch to the right needle, pass the first stitch over the second, repeat from * until end of row, break yarn, pull through, weave in ends.)

Clockwise, from lower left:
  • Neptune Ombre (220): the smaller cloth was done with 35 stitches and 17 stockinette repeats, mostly because I wanted to see how that would affect the zigzags.

  • Westport Ombre (2012): the smaller cloth was a mitered garter square. My first time doing one of those. There's a mistake, but it's not so visible from this side.

  • Butter Cream Ombre (222): the smaller cloth is a variation of feather and fan, where there were two knit rows between the pattern rows, instead of 2 knit rows and a purl row. Worked over 36 pattern stitches and two selvage stitches, with 13 pattern repeats.

  • Rainbow Bright Ombre (200): the smaller one is my standard dishcloth. I prefer dishcloths that just barely cover my hand, like this one. Cast on 16, alternate 2 rows of garter with 2 rows of k1p1 ribbing, ending with garter. I stop at 9.5 repeats and bind off.

So, that's what I did on my vacation!

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