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Blink and Blink2

A few weeks ago, I wrote up a pattern for a Blink Washcloth:
Blink washcloth.  Just blink.

Lots of fun, lots of double decreases. Because I like them.

I toyed with the idea of making a non-double-decrease version, but had other more urgent kitsch to attend to at that point.

Time passes, things change, thoughts are thunk...

Blink washcloth, single decrease variation

And I have a single-decrease variation of the Blink Washcloth available at the bottom of the pattern page.



Aug. 1st, 2010 10:12 am (UTC)
Re: Another Question re: "Blink" pattern
Mary, first, you aren't clueless - you're asking really good questions.

k2tog2 is shorthand for k2tog, k2tog. Likewise, ssk2 is shorthand for ssk, ssk. I'm going to rewrite those to use the word 'twice', since that should make it a bit clearer.

That doesn't really help you, though, since you were reading it correctly.

If I were short a stitch, it would almost certainly be the last yo before the k15. If I were short two stitches, I'd be looking for the yo at the other end of the k15 and the yo after the ssk,ssk. Those would be the three yos that would give me grief.

At that point, I find a stitch-by-stitch stitch count to be helpful.

Row 30 starts with 45sts on the left needle, 0 on the right, making 45 sts total. After you do the first k, you have 44sts on the left needle, 1 on the right, and 45 sts total. So we can write that as:
Row 30 start: 45/0 (=45)
k: 44/1 (=45)
p: 43/2 (=45)
k: 42/3 (=45)
p: 41/4 (=45)
ssk: 39/5 (=44)
yo: 39/6 (=45)
k: 38/7 (=45)
yo: 38/8 (=46)
cdd: 35/9 (=44)
yo: 35/10 (=45)
k: 34/11 (=45)
yo: 34/12 (=46)
k2tog: 32/13 (=45)
k2tog: 30/14 (=44)
yo: 30/15 (=45)
k15: 15/30 (=45)
yo: 15/31 (=46)
ssk: 13/32 (=45)
ssk: 11/33 (=44)
yo: 11/34 (=45)
k: 10/35 (=45)
yo: 10/36 (=46)
cdd: 7/37 (=44)
yo: 7/38 (=45)
k: 6/39 (=45)
yo: 6/40 (=46)
k2tog: 4/41 (=45)
p: 3/42 (=45)
k: 2/43 (=45)
p: 1/44 (=45)
k: 0/45 (=45)

I've bolded a few stitches: those would be the ones I would do a count on. I'd check to see if I have the right stitch count before going into that yo-dec-dec-yo, in the middle, and afterwards.

Also... Have you heard of lifelines? They're really useful when knitting lace. When you're at a part in the pattern that you know is right (say, you've just done row 29), you take some smooth fine thread (crochet cotton is good, so is unwaxed dental floss) and run it through all the stitches, following along where the needle is. And you leave it there. Then, if you need to rip back, you know that that lifeline will stop you before you go too far.

Fingers crossed, and let me know if you still have questions.
Aug. 1st, 2010 05:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Another Question re: "Blink" pattern
Thank you so much for taking the time to set me straight!

I'd wanted a knitting challenge (be careful of what you wish for, eh?) and it certainly looks like I found one! As I mentioned, I was pretty sure that I missed at least one YO but it all fell apart when I tried to un-knit the decrease stitches. I'd never heard of the 'lifeline' technique before; I will definitely give it a try next time around. Lace-knitting is certainly not for the absent-minded, is it?

Thank you again for your patience and kindness in in helping this 'lace-newbie'!


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